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Events and Ideas become Books - Emgee takes you through some tips and techniques to make this possible

These are the exact same steps I took to move from event (a devastating diagnosiis) to the book' Sudden Departure Syndrome'
Muriel Glasgow

Date: June 2012
From: MG Associates, Inc

From Idea to Book - 7 tips

There are many stories relating to an event or an idea which can be transformed into a book. What is needed is the will to make this happen; the decision to take a step towards moving the idea or event into manifestation as a book, hard copy or electronically delivered. After all, the ideas are there, the events re there, the stories are there; your will and courage will be strengthened with the techniques contained herein to develop your product and place it in the hand of the reader - your published book!

EmGee provides coaching and consulting services to help you become empowered with technology to facilitate your motivation and courage to move from idea or event to published book.

There are as many stories as there are people in this world. Many of the stories are waiting to be published; the majority being still in the minds of the faint-hearted, who have a big idea but little courage to take the steps necessary to make the idea manifest.
  • Tip 1 - As long as you can type you can write - The computer is the greatest technology since the printing press as regards publishing of books. Access to and knowledge of utilization of computers - critical in the first phase.
  • Tip 2 - Merging the Idea or the Event and the Computer. - .Here is where the trembling begins as you wonder how to do just that. However, as Nike Says however, Just Do It!
  • Tip 3 Open a Pay Pal Account - Get accustomed to the idea that the bucks will roll in and you are fully prepared to be in wait and acceptance mode.
  • Tip 4 - Choose Your Topic! - Be daring - choose something!
  • Tip 5 - Tip 5 - Examine The Tpoic. - Think through why that topic? Why did you choose that one? Who will be your audience? What would this type of audience want to know? Or what new information would you provide?
  • Tip 6 - Go to Page! - Commit to writing as many pages you would like in a day. If it is one day, one page; in 31 days you will have written 31 pages. It is said that it takes 24 pages to make a book.
  • Tip 7 - Apply the APP! - You have Aspired to write your book. You have Perspired to get it on the pages. Now you will Persevere and do whatever is necessary to move from this phase to the reader's hands.
  • Emgee will take you through the Perseverance Phase and all it takes, research, graphics, editorial issues, finding publishers and distributors in a self-empowering way -
  • Coaching and Consulting Services - EmGee provides coaching and consulting services to help clients avail themselves of the empowering aspectes of the techologies to help them get from idea or event to book
EmGee will take each client thoroughly through the steps she took to move from idea to book. She will work at the level of capacity of each client and help support the reduction of fear which most people have in using the technology which is available to help them become more productive in carrying our their tasks and in communication with a world at large about their story, which will be the subject of their book. Thus, overcoming the fear of technology is critical to being empowered through technology to improve the self through publishing a product.
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Should you agree to follow the tips above, and, moreso, if you are coachable, and believe you can become a publisher from a zero idea to book, in your time, as long as you are interested in doing so, you will. The support given builds on individual motivation and aspirations, and only work in synergy with these.
Sessions will be customized according to individual needs of each client.
Grab your Idea and Get Published

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Grab your Idea or Event, Squeeze out a Story, let us work together to Get Published, get your book in the hands of a reader.
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MG Associates, Inc
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From Idea to Book - 7 Tips

Are you a writer who is stuck at the level of confusion? If you would live to move from idea or event to book Get Published , overcome your fears, and move on!

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