Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Disaster at Sea - what a sudden departure for all those still being sought after the disastrous wreck of the Costa Concordia.  According to AP article, the about 4000 passengers had just sat down to dine when chaos broke out and things turned upside down and had to use every muscle to leave the ship.  For the more than 20 who did not make it, what pathway did they leave for their relatives.


Help us introduce this book, Sudden Departure Syndrome, to the transportation industry so that people can begin to organize their affairs, just in case.  The objective is to leave a smooth pathway for loved ones to follow if we suddenly depart - and most of the departures are usually sudden.

Here Today! Gone Today!

This book was created to help us carry on with our lives when loved ones suddenly depart, or in the event that we depart suddenly, so that families and loved ones would have a road map. 
In the book, testimonials are given by those who experienced the sudden departure of loved ones and who are now living their lives by enjoying each moment, thus and living lives fully.

Disasters and emergencies are a way of life and are being dealt with as a matter of national security.  However, we should consider being empowered to deal with them by addressing our own individual security and that of our loved ones.

Whether you are indoors or outdoors, think of organizing your affairs so that your loved ones will have the joy of arranging your life and belongings when you suddenly depart.

Source:  ABC News

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